Laser Thickness Gauging is Just the Beginning

We’re Bringing Full Closed-Loop Automatic Control to the Lead-Acid Industry

The Days of Manual Process Control are Numbered

Imagine being able to fully automate your pasting lines and obtain accurate and reliable thickness readings in real-time. You’d never have to remove pasted plates from your lines to weigh them. And your operators would be saved from harmful lead exposure. 

Non-contact laser thickness readings are for more accurate and practical than manual measurements. You can take readings at a very high frequency on cured or wet paste without having to worry about dirtying your tools or displacing the paste. But benefits of automatic control aren’t limited to the factory floor.

With fully automatic control, you can produce higher-quality plates, reduce scrap, and ultimately design better batteries. If you can improve your confidence in the measurements you take on the floor, you can design batteries with tighter tolerances and higher performance. 

Our job is to give you the confidence you need to make better batteries. We design, manufacture, and program the full suite of products for closed-loop pasting line control

We take the guesswork out of thickness control, allowing you to shift the nominal. That means more perfect plates and less process waste. 

Over the last 10 years, we’ve helped our customers save more than 14 million pounds of lead. 

Our competitors can sell you thickness gauging hardware, but they can’t sell you the full control solution. That’s been our key differentiator since the start. 

We don’t just build the hardware. We build solutions for process control automation

The ability to take accurate thickness measurements is hugely advantageous. For one, it allows you to shift your primary control parameter from weight to thickness, which right away gives you tighter control of plate quality.

But thickness measurements only open the door to the real improvements that are possible with automation. 

That’s where we come in: Our Mate Gauge monitors your plate or strip thickness in real-time, ensuring measurements fall within your acceptable tolerance. Then, our advanced software controls the Paste Saver, which applies the perfect amount of lead paste to your plates every time, guaranteeing thickness within your design specifications. 

No other company offers this level of automatic control to the lead-acid battery industry.

Our Mission

As I mentioned before, we’re about more than just laser thickness gauging. Our goal is to work with our partners in the lead-acid battery industry to solve the most pressing problems with advanced technology. 

Today it’s automatic control for pasting lines. Tomorrow the problem might be different. But one thing’s for sure: we’ll be there alongside our industry partners, working together to make better batteries.

Our systems are already installed in 9 different countries, but we’re not stopping there. We aim to be the go-to automatic control solution for battery manufacturers around the world.

If you want to join us on this journey, I’d love to chat.


Steve Mate

CEO of Co-efficient

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