Laser Gauging is Just the Beginning

We are and engineering-first company. But while we love technology, our products and services stem from our passion to find practical solutions. We value communication and emphasize customer input through the entire process- from product prototyping to post-commissioning support. 

About Us

We are a licensed Canadian engineering firm, specializing in laser gauging applications.

We are based in Ottawa, Ontario, and have been providing practical, cost-effective solutions to a wide range of industries since 2006. Our systems and products have been deployed in wide range of industries, including lead-acid battery manufacturing, nuclear energy laboratories, steel mills, and more.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower manufacturers with modern, automated, and practical gauging solutions that utilize laser measurement sensors.

Our Values

1. We are an engineering-first company. Our products and services stem from our passion to find innovative, cost-effective, and practical solutions.
2. We believe that our customers deserve vertically integrated solutions. We support our customers throughout the entire process - from initial proof of concept to post-commissioning support.
3. We believe in transparency - customers are invited to schedule a visit to our facilities in Ottawa.

Additional resources

Download our products and services PDF:

Products and Services PDF 

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Our engineers will visit your facility to install and calibrate the hardware. We also offer remote installs and online support!

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