Goodbye Micrometer,
Hello Mate Gauge.

Inline and Benchtop laser measurement solutions for metal processing lines, battery, advanced materials, aluminium, and MDF.

laster thickness gauges product family

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Protect Your Operators

Are your operators struggling to take accurate thickness measurements using manual tools? When you’re measuring soft, compressible, or hazardous materials, you need a non-contact solution.

We provide both inline and offline thickness measurement solutions using laser sensors, powerful software and multiple integration options. Say goodbye to the old micrometer! 

laser gauge maintanance screen

Maintenance Made Easy

Maintenance is as simple as wiping the lenses once a day. The included display will alert operators when it is time for cleaning. The robust build of our systems ensures smooth operations even in the harshest factory conditions. 

Calibration is also made easy, with the included NIST traceable calibration device.  

Our Products

Laser Gauge Mate Gauge Benchtop


Mate Gauge Benchtop laser thickness gauge. 8 inches of stroke. 

Laser Gauge Benchtop Mini

Benchtop Mini

Smaller form factor of the standard Benchtop. 8 inches of stroke.

Laser Gauge Mate Gauge 3

Mate Gauge 3

Flagship inline laser gauge. 16 inches of stroke. 

Laser Gauge Mate Gauge Steel

Mate Gauge S 

Inline laser thickness gauge for wide coils. 72 inches of stroke.


Laser Gauge Mate Gauge Edge

Mate Gauge Edge

Compact inline laser thickness gauge. Great for upgrading legacy systems. 


Laser Gauge DMS1200


Inline scanning O-frame. Built for cast lead strip lines. 

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